Welcome to the Brisco Roofing Sports Scholarship.  We want to contribute to local sporting clubs and individuals in the Brisbane community.  We want to do this by offering a scholarship worth $500. Let me explain below.

Why are we doing it?


We are a family run business, even our children are involved with Brisco. Our kids have a great love of their sports and we have seen how much their confidence has grown and the many positive skills they have learnt through playing in a team. We too know the costs involve with kids in sport and feel it’s important to give back to the community. We want to be able to make a difference to a club in need.

How to enter.

We love good stories and we want to hear about yours.  Simply send us an email with your story and how $500 can make a big change for the team or the individual you are writing to us about.

Who can enter

Any under 18 team or an individual under 18.

When will scholarship be awarded

We may offer the scholarship at any time during the year.  We want provide a big helping hand so when the opportunity comes up we will jump at it.

What we are looking to do

We what to make a change to a team’s sporting year, and we have a soft spot for young teams and individuals who simply need a bit of a helping hand.