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‘We give you our word that your roof restoration will be completed to the highest of standards, to give you a finish that will last…’

Ged Cartella – Brisco Roofing’s Owner


A roof restoration can truly transform the look of your home’s exterior while adding great value and extend the life of your roof. At Brisco Roofing we stand by our product and workmanship with a 10 year warranty, so you can be at ease knowing your investment will stand strong for many years to come.

At Brisco Roofing, we are proud to be Dulux Registered applicators. We are proudly recognised by Dulux due to our established business, commitment to quality workmanship, our professional approach and customer service. Dulux acknowledges that at Brisco Roofing we correctly apply every step of the Dulux 962 AcraTex Roof Membrane System to your roof and back it with a 10 year warranty.

You can be confident that when choosing Brisco Roofing, your roof restoration will be completed to the highest standards. We only use high quality products along with proven techniques to ensure a premium finish on your roof restoration. We are always here for our Customers, and if at any point from your initial quote to your finished roof restoration you have a question you can approach our friendly team, who are always happy to help in any way.

All of our roof restorations are carried out to the highest level of quality, with each stage being thoroughly inspected. Here you can see a step by step process of your roof restoration with Brisco.


Brisco Roofing’s Roof Restoration Process

Depending on your individual needs the process may differ slightly than listed here. Any differences will be noted on your personal quote.

Safety Rail is to be installed on any roof higher than 2.9m. This is to comply with workplace health and safety laws. The safety rail will be erected prior to your jobs commencing, and will be removed once the job has been completed.


Your roof will be blown down to remove all leaves, debris etc. that have accumulated over time, ensuring the best possible result when pressure cleaning your roof. We will ensure to remove any debris from your guttering prior to cleaning your roof. Your roof will be thoroughly inspected. Our team will then replace any broken tiles to prevent any future leaking.

Inspect for broken tiles Roof restoration brisbane roof repair roofing painting

If your ridges are in need of re-bedding this will be done by removing the ridges, then cleaning the edge of the ridges of any excess pointing. The ridges are then laid down on sand and cement bedding, any excess is troweled off for a smooth finish ready for pointing to be applied after cleaning.

Re-bedding Roof restoration brisbane roof repair roofing painting  Roof restoration brisbane roof repair roofing painting Re-bedding

Next you roof is high pressure water cleaned. Depending on your tile type, roof pitch etc. this will be done with either a whirl-a-way or a turbo head using high pressure water. The nose of every tile is also cleaned. The roof is given a final rinse off to ensure every inch of your roof has been well cleaned. Your roof will be cleaned at a pressure of between 3,500 PSI and 4,000 PSI to remove all dirt and build up. A proper clean is imperative for the primer, sealer and the paint to adhere to your roof. After your roof clean your home’s exterior will be rinsed down to remove any dirt from overspray.

Waterblasting Roof restoration brisbane roof repair roofing painting Whirlaway Cleaning Roof restoration brisbane roof repair roofing painting

Your roof will then be re-pointed using West-flex Flexible Pointing. Applied with a trowel and smoothed out for a neat, visually pleasing finish. Weep holes are then made to stop water leaking into your roof, followed by de-dagging (removing the small pieces created from the weep holes).

DSC_0202 Weep holes Roof restoration brisbane roof repair roofing painting

Any sky lights, solar panels, walls and gables will be masked with a protective sheeting where needed to prevent any paint overspray.

Masking Roof restoration brisbane roof repair roofing painting

A coat of Dulux AcraTex Prep Treat will be applied. This water based Prep Treat kills mould spores, and effectively prevents recurring mould growth, giving you the best possible start for your roof restoration while forming a lasting barrier.


Next a coat of Dulux AcraTex Roof Sealer will be applied. This seals the roof and enhances adhesion of the top coat. Locking the concrete the roof sealer giving you a lasting finish, and without it the paint on your roof will not last in our harsh Queensland climate.


Hand painting is then be carried out on the barge capping once the tiles are sealed to ensure a neat finish.


Finally two thick coats of Dulux AcraTex 962 Roof Membrane are applied.  The paint is a 100% acrylic roof coating designed and tested to withstand harsh weather conditions year after year. The technology used in the manufacturing of the 962 Roof Membrane makes the membrane UV resistant, tough, and durable.

Roof restoration brisbane roof repair roofing painting  1st coat

Six tiles will be left for you should you require them in the future. These have also been treated, painted and sealed using the Dulux AcraTex range.


A full inspection and clean of the area is then carried out, ensuring everything is completed to the highest of standards and your home is left as it was when the job commenced.


In this video you can see the detail that goes into each roof restoration that Brisco Roofing completes. From the extensive high-pressure roof cleaning, the time spent on ensuring our Customer’s repointing has a neat smooth finish, to the prep treat application, priming and painting of the roof. There is also a lot of hand painting carried out and 6 spare tiles always left for our Customers that have been clean, prepped, sealed and painted.


Our Customer in the video had many years of built up moss, mould and lichen on their roof, particularly on their ridges. Our team used specifically designed products during their roof restoration to tackle the moss, mould and lichen and beautifully restore their roof. The end result – another beautifully restored roof and another happy Brisco Customer.