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We offer a range of roof restoration services to our Customers. Although we specialise in roof restorations we also assist you with projects from roof extensions through to skylights.

Roof Restoration Services


Roof Restoration Services

Tiled Roof Restorations 

Not all roof restoration services are the same. At Brisco Roofing, we specialise in roof restorations, ensuring every step is completed to our extremely high standards to guarantee your roof restoration will stand strong for years to come.

You can read further details about our tile roof restorations here


Metal Roof Restoration

We offer a process specifically designer for metal roof restorations. 

You can read further details about our tin roof restorations here


Tin and Tile Roof Painting

Many people may be unaware of what the are looking for, or what the term ‘roof restoration’ means. Often people will start looking for a ‘roof painter’ or ‘roof painting’. It is always best to have a full roof restoration for the couple hundred more you are truly adding years on years to your roof. We can certainly assess your roofing needs when we meet and explain to you what all of your options are.

You can read more about our painting process here


Tiles Roof Repairs

We can assist with broken tiles needing changing, rebedding and repointing.

You can read more about our roof repairs here


Tin Roof Repairs

Unfortunately, we cannot assist with tin roof repairs. You will need to contact a metal roof specialist.


Roof Extensions

We have the experience, manpower, and equipment to provide you with a seamless tiled roof extension to your home. We cannot assist with tin roof extensions, you will need to contact a metal roof specialist to assist.

You can read further details about our tile roof extensions here


Whirlybird Installations/Roof Ventilators

We can supply and install Whirlybirds/Roof Ventilators to your roof during your roof restoration. We use Edmonds CSR Windmaster Whirlybirds.

You can read more details about our whirlybirds/roof ventilators here


Skylight Installation

We can supply and install skylights in your home or office space during your roofing service. We have a wide range of skylights we can offer to bring through natural light into your home.

You can read more about our skylights here


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