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Roofing Products

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 Premium roofing products along with quality workmanship ensure a roof restoration that will last.




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premium Roofing Products

Nutech Paints provide a quality range of roofing products tested and designed to stand strong in our harsh Queensland weather. The nanotechnology in the TileFlex roof membrane ensures your roof will look newer for longer. You can read further information regarding our product range below.

Nutech – SupaPrime

SupaPrime is primer formulated to maximize penetration into a powdery oxidized roof tile to guarantee adhesion of Nutech topcoat systems.

SupaPrime has the remarkable ability to thoroughly wet and penetrate into difficult surfaces similar to a solvent based primer, without the disadvantages of solvent odours or high flammability. The resin system strengthens and binds the loose surface creating a strong and stable base for topcoat systems.

It is a tough, flexible, easy to use and environmentally friendly water-based primer is specifically formulated to achieve maximum surface depth penetration and intercoat adhesion. It is a non-yellowing clear primer, which is fully compatible with all Nutech topcoat systems.

SupaPrime is manufactured from premium resins and surfactants to maximise performance under both cool and hot weather conditions retaining both flexibility and strength with age. SupaPrime provides excellent protection against bacteria and mould on most surfaces.

SupaPrime has undergone rigorous testing and special consideration has been given to ensure that the chemical composition and compatibility with Nutech topcoat systems is a roofing product suitable for Australia and South-East Asian conditions.

Nutech – TileFlex Roof Membrane

The revolutionary coating of Nutech’s TileFlex combines advanced technology with the special properties of surface cleaning. Nano Technology to deliver superior performance. The roof coating stays cleaner and retains gloss longer than any conventional acrylic roof coating on the market.

Independent CSIRO1 testing has conclusively shown that the surface friction of TileFlex is substantially reduced by the unique properties of surface cleaning Nano Technology. Special polymers used in the manufacture of TileFlex and a low level of surface friction enables the coating to repel moisture, dirt and contamination. This will greatly improve the appearance and function of your roof. Further testing has shown that TileFlex has superior gloss, early water resistance and film drying speed compared to other acrylic coatings enhancing appearance and application properties.

TileFlex provides significantly more gloss on application and will maintain an attractive new looking roof appearance better than any other acrylic roof coating. To reduce the damaging effects of the harsh Australian environment, Nutech has used the latest technology to impregnate TileFlex with surface cleaning Nano Technology. This innovation guarantees that TileFlex sets new standards in roof coating performance, maximizing the durability and total waterproof protection.

Roof Restoration Products WestFlex Flexible Pointing

WestFlex Flexible Pointing 

Westflex Flexible Pointing is the cement mix used to keep your ridges in place. We feel that Westflex will give our customers the neatest finish and will not crack out or lift away like others may.

Unlike traditional cement, Starpoint flexes with movement in the roof structure. There is no problem with ugly efflorescence and the colour remains stable. Starpoint is also designed to withstand cyclonic winds. Starpoint has been designed and manufactured by a team with many years experience in the roofing industry. As a second generation product, Starpoint roofing products have had the benefit of extensive real-life and laboratory testing, backed with a 10 year warranty.

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“Our dealings with Brisco have been nothing short of fantastic. They showed professionalism throughout the whole process. Ged and the team are hard working, honest, clean and very communicative. Will highly recommend Brisco to anyone who’s looking to have their roof restored..”


“Thank you to the team at Brisco Roofing! We were appreciative of how quickly our roof was restored and just how lovely, professional, hardworking and helpful the entire team was. The whole process from first enquiry to having our roof completed was simple and smooth. I don’t have any hesitation in recommending this roofing company. Good work, team!”


“This company provides an exceptional service with excellent communication at every step of the restoration process. Our roof is close to twenty years old but now looks like new. A great experience.”


“A huge “Thank you” to Ged and ALL the team at Brisco roofing. From our very first meeting with Ged all the way through to the roof being completed we were more than impressed with Brisco. Thank you to Linda for her guidance in helping us to choose a colour. Brisco roofing tick all the boxes. Job well done guys. We love our new roof.”


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