Brisbane Skylight Options

Brisbane Skylight Installations

Brisco Roofing have a number of Brisbane skylight options. Because everyone is trying to save power, and electricity isn’t cheap! One of the easiest ways to save power is by keeping the lights switched off during the day. You can do this without being left in the dark when you install a skylight. A skylight is an environmentally friendly, cost effective way to brighten up any room in your home.

We’ve all walked into a room where it just felt dull, maybe set back from the windows or in a large, open planned home. Lighting can really effect the mood of a room, a lack of light can also result in a headache for some, eye strain or leave you feeling tired. Lighting up a room naturally gives the appearance of space while your eyes are not left with the sting a fluro light can give.

At Brisco Roofing we use the best products on the market. When recommending and installing Brisbane skylights we only use Solartube Skylights. Unlike conventional skylights, the Solartube skylights use a unique design that eliminates heat and glare, while proving the same bright light as the originally designed skylight. No matter the sun’s angle you will receive the same beautiful light due to the patented dome and reflector design.

The new skylights sit flat against your ceiling, easily blending into your surroundings. You can have your skylight as a feature in your room with a decorative light fitting, or have it as a discrete as you desire, sitting almost flush with your ceiling.

Brisbane Skylight Fixtures

There are seven different light fixtures to choose from:

  • The Aurora Glo – a traditional looking light fitting. It has a dark trim and a round cover.
  • The Quadra Frost – a square design with black framing, that sits off your ceiling.
  • The Vivid Shade – a round design with a cream edging, that sits off your ceiling
  • The Tier Drop – a round design with a white frame, sitting relatively flush to your ceiling
  • Opti View– a round design with a white frame, with a decorative lenses, sitting relatively flush to your ceiling.
  • Just Frost – a simple, clean design. A round fitting with a white frame, sitting relatively flush against your ceiling
  • Classic Vusion Diffuser – a classic design with a small white frame around a bright diffuser.

You can view pictures of these decorative light fixtures at Solartubes website here –

If you are looking to add extra light to your bathroom with a skylight, there is no need to have vents and lights covering your whole ceiling! The new Solartube skylights also come with an optional add-on kit with an intergrading vent! Two in one skylight and vent! The in-line motor extracts up to 52L of air per second! This add-on system complies with all Australian Regulations and carries a 5 year electrical component warranty.

A skylight can be supplied and installed by Brisco Roofing from between $350 – $650, depending on the size of the skylight being installed. If you choose to add a decorative light fitting the may be additional.

Light up your home with a free energy source today! Call the team in Brisbane for your free quote on 1300 166 209 or get in touch today.

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