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What does roof restoration mean?

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What does roof restoration mean? You may have heard the term 'roof restoration' when you started looking into painting your roof and wondered what the difference is between a roof restoration and roof painting? Well, I am here to explain the difference for you. What does roof painting mean and involve? Roof painting is just

How Long Does A Roof Restoration Last?

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How long does a roof restoration last? That depends on a few things. Generally a quality roof restoration will last between 10 - 15 years. After that time the roof coating should still remain on the tile and the ridge capping only need re-pointing. Over time the roof paint will fade and the glaze will

How Long Does A Roof Restoration Take?

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How Long Does A Roof Restoration Take? A question you are likely to have when considering a roof restoration. There are a few variables that can determine how long a roof restoration will take, but generally a standard restoration will take between 2-3 days to complete. We always aim to complete every restoration with as

Brisbane Roofing Services

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Brisco Roofing a wide range of roofing services to suite your needs. Our services include: Roof Repairs Changing broken tiles, roof sarking paper repair, flashing repair, as well as re-bedding and re-pointing your ridge capping.        Roof Cleaning We can clean your metal or tile roof using high pressure water blasters, whirlaway and

Meet Ged, Brisco Roofing’s Owner.

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Meet Ged. He is the proud owner of Brisco Roofing. After starting his roof tiling apprentiship at the age of 16, Ged knew he had found his calling. Working hard through his apprenticeship he then went onto contracting to many of the largest companies in Brisbane. After many years of learning and hands-on experience, Ged