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Cheap Roof Restoration?

Want A Cheap Roof Restoration?


Ever seen those signs on the back of a truck or stapled onto a pole at the traffic lights? The ones saying they will restore your roof for less than $2,000 and ‘warrant’ their work? Notice there is no business name or website, just a mobile phone to contact… 


cheap roof restoraiton


You will find there will be no answer and you are to leave a message. This (pre-paid) mobile number often changes to avoid the warranty calls (and council calls for illegal advertising). You might ask, how can they restore my roof for half the price as the other quotes? Simply, it will come down to product and workmanship. They skim over with the cleaner, patch over any poor pointing and put on some cheap and nasty paint. You pay, they disappear. 

A roof restoration is like a car. There are many components that are easy to overlook but each one is just as important as the engine. If one step isn’t done correctly the foundation isn’t there for a long lasting roof restoration.

You can’t buy a $5,000 car and expect it to run like a Ferrari.

Cheaper paint and pointing is a great way for a roofing company to cut costs. It could save you hundreds on each job! But at what cost to the customer? Poor quality products will simply not last in our harsh Queensland climates. You can what you pay for what it comes to product performance. 

Cheap Roof Restoration     Cheap Roof Restoration  Not rebedding where required will save the roofing company money on product and labour. Unfortunately for the customer, their ridges will still need to be redbedded after their roof restoration. They may hang in there for a couple years, once the water damage starts you will have to call a plasterer along with another roofing company to fix what should have been taken care of in the first place.

Equipment is important. You can be the best roofer in all the land, but if your tools are old and worn so will be the result of the job. Roofing equipment is not cheap. A waterblaster cost upwards of $10,000+ and needs to regularly be serviced and maintained. This is the same with paint units. The painting tips are also a major factor in the correct application of your paint. 

The cheaper quote will not be the cheapest in the long run.

Over time poor workmanship and cheap products (although looking great to start) will break down. The roof colour will turn and the product may start to peel and lift from your roof surface. To correct this will cost you much more than your original quote. Removing poor quality bedding to re-do it correctly and going over your roof inch by inch with a turbo head to remove the peeling paint takes painstaking hours to carry out. 

Ensure you look over reviews before choosing a company. This can easily be done by a quick Google search online. It is hard to hide a bad reputation these days. 

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