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Thinking of DIY your roof restoration? Here is the best DIY tip – pick up the phone, call 1300 166 209 and ask us for a quote. 

PLEASE don’t think for a moment that pressure cleaner you bought from Bunnings will even begin to remove the dirt off the roof properly compared to the water blasters. At best, if you splurge, the Bunnings machines will give you 2000PSI. Our machines will blast the dirt off your roof using double the amount of pressure at 4000PSI. There is also a lot more technique to cleaning the roof than one might expect. The tiles need to be cleaned in a specific way to ensure all dirt and old product is remove. If the roof is not cleaned properly this will result in the product not adhering to the roof properly, and eventually peeling, lifting or wearing off!

Then you have the rebedding and repointing. If you don’t know what you are doing here you will simply create a whole lot of mess and work for the next person who needs to come and remove it and redo it! ‘Ah, it’s fine. I’ll just skip that part’ I hear you say. If you don’t repoint your ridge capping, or worse if your roof needs rebedding and it is not done correctly you will be looking at serious roof issues. 

Here is an example of a roof that wasn’t rebedded properly. The Barges were just sitting on top of the roof:

Tile Roof Restoration Brisbane Roofing Contractors Brisbane





When it comes to DIY roof painting you really need the knowledge, training and equipment to make sure this is done correctly. There are so many elements to making sure the paint in applied correctly from the correct tip on the paint machine to the angle of your wrist and the way you move your arm to ensure a perfectly even coat. I cannot stress this enough. We have seen some poor customers who have ended up with their roof flaking and peeling off. They were not all from DIY, in fact most were from jobs that were done incorrectly. Unfortunately, this results with the customer having to pay for an additional days worth of labour as the team need to blast the peeling/flaking paint off inch by inch with their turbo head. This is extremely labour extensive and painstaking slow and expensive for the customer. 

There are many other elements to a roof restoration but these are the basics people think of when restoring their roof. It certainly is an investment restoring your roof, but doing it incorrectly will result in even more money falling out of your pocket. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about any steps of your roof restoration.


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