DIY Roof Restorations

Want to save money? Are you a ‘Jack of all trades’ and happy to take on any task around your home, such as a roof restoration? Want to learn how to DIY your own roof restoration?

Well… I am here to tell you the best thing you can do is back away from the ladder, pick up your phone, and call a licenced professional for the job. And here’s why…

Not all roofs are equal.

Roof restorations are not just a stock standard procedure. Some roofs are peeling, others have moss and lichen growth, others need to be reclipped. The bare bones of the restoration are the same – clean, point and paint, but it’s the in-between that results in a roof restoration that lasts. 

There’s no point painting broken tiles.

Often people think a roof restoration will fix there leak. This is only the case if that leak is caused by a broken tile, and that broken tile is replaced. Broken tiles are not always easy to spot. Hairline fractures can be hard to see if you are not used to spotting them.

Roof cleaning is complicated.

There is so much more to cleaning a roof than hiring a pressure cleaner from Bunnings. Our machines cost upwards of $10,000 each and run at a beefy 5,000PSI. Again, this PSI is adjusted depending on the needs of the roof. If too high on certain roofs flooding in the roof cavity will occur, which often results in water stains on your ceiling. 

The right machine for the job is just one half of cleaning a roof well. When cleaning each tile is covered 3 times, and angles are important to ensure all dirt, moss, lichen and anything else that may be baked onto your roof is removed.

Our team use both a Whirlyaway and a pressure gun while cleaning your roof to ensure every single inch is ready for the best possible restoration.

If there is any dirt left on your roof the primer will not adhere correctly, resulting in peeling paint in your future.  And this along will end up costing you. Often on peeling jobs, it will take our team an entire day on the turbo head to remove the peeling paint. That’s an extra day of manpower you shouldn’t have to pay for.

Repointing is an art. 

One of the key components of a roof restoration is re-pointing and re-bedding your ridge capping. The is a skill that has taken years and years for our team to master and is not something that can be learnt on Youtube

Painting, that is also an art. 

Firstly, choosing the correct primer, sealer and paint for your roofs needs is really important to get right and often not available to the public. The paint tip used is also crucial to a quality job along with the volume of paint dispersed onto the roof, ensuring it is evenly coated, and the angle that it is applied at.

Hand painting your tiles is not a good idea, it will leave you with visible brush marks that will be easy to spot from the ground. 

How to restore your roof.

We all love to save a dollar, but it is important to know when to DIY and when to invest in your home and call a professional. DIY roof restorations will result is a very costly correction down the track and should really be avoided at all costs.

When choosing your restoration company make sure they are licenced in both roofing and painting, are registered with the QBCC and comply with the law of providing QBCC Home Owners Insurance with every job over $3,300.

It is also a good idea to do your homework and look into a company’s reviews if you are considering them. It is hard to get away with poor work on the internet these days! 

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