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Here are our most common solar and roofing questions.
The cost of a roof restoration depends on many factors. A standard, straight forward small roof restoration starts from $3,000 with the average tiled roof restoration costing between $4,000 – $6,000. Metal and terracotta roofs are cheaper as there is no bedding or repointing involved in a metal roof and terracotta roofs are generally not painted. You can read more information in our blog post.
A standard sized roof restoration will take between 2-3 days.
Yes! You can put your roof restoration on an interest-free finance plan. Ask about it when you call our office – 1300 166 209.
No! In fact, all of our employees have been trained from the beginning of their trade with us. We are a small team to maintain a high level of quality control. Beware of subcontractors.
We absolutely stand by our work, backing our workmanship with a 10 year warranty. Nutech’s flexible pointing, Maxi Point, has a 10 year warranty. Their Tileflex roof membrane has a 12 year warranty, while their heat reflective option NXT Cool Zone has a 15 year warranty.
Brisco Roofing carries licences for both roof tiling and painting. Both licences are needed for a roof restoration. We are also fully insured with both public liability and Workcover.
No! What you are quoted is what you will pay. Any additional work will always be quoted and approved by the customer before commencing.
Please, be aware of cheap roof restorations. Too often we have seen customers burnt and cheap their restoration left them with a peeling roof in a matter of a couple of years. When they call the mobile – it has been disconnected, meaning the ‘warranty’ is useless. Ask if a sub contactor is doing the roof, read their reviews, ask what products they are using, search the company’s licence. Be an educated customer.

A roof restoration is the process of changing all broken tiles, cleaning, rebedding and repointing the ridge capping, applying a primer and 2 coats of roof membrane to the roof to restore it back to like new again. Metal roof restorations involve changing all rusty screws, cleaning the roof, applying the primer and 2 coats of roof membrane. Roof restorations last upwards of 10 years and will extended the life of your roof, preventing costly roof replacements down the track.

The cost of a roof restoration depends on many factors. The average tiled roof restoration costs between $4,500 – $6,500. Metal roofs are cheaper averaging $3,500-$5,000 as there is no bedding or repointing involved.

Standard roof restorations takes 2-3 days to complete. Depending on the size of the roof, weather and other factors, your roof restoration may be extended by a few additional days. Our team take the time needed to ensure your job is completed to the highest level of standard and never rush through their roof restorations. Unlike contractors, our team are not paid by the number of jobs they complete, removing the desire to turn over high volumes of work.

Yes! Nutech Paints can colour match most well known paint colours. Please give us notice if you would like to colour match as it does take additional time to obtain the paint.

Yes! Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone roof membrane which comes with a 15 year warranty. The Cost of the upgrade is generally an additional $600-$1000 depending on the size of your roof

Standard Tileflex – 12 Years

NXT Cool Zone – 15 Years (optional upgrade)

We offer solar system sizes from 3 – 30kw/h. The system best suited to your roof area will be detailed on your quote.
The warranties are between 12 – 15 years, depending on which inverter and panels you choose.
We only offer high quality panels to ensure you are optimising your inverter and solar return. We offer REC, Trina and Longi PV panels.
We offer solar system sizes from 3 – 30kw/h. The system best suited to your roof area will be detailed on your quote.
We offer the full STC’s as a Refund before the final amount payable. This fluctuates year to year.

A general recommendation is 1-2 Whirlybirds per 90m² of roof space. However, this is a rough guide with elements such as the pitch of your roof changing the number of whirlybirds needing to be installed.

No. We only office these services in conjunction with full roof restorations.

Yes. It will be painted to match your roof colour during your roof restoration.

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