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A roof restoration is an investment in your home. We want our Customers to be informed, and ensure they are getting a roof restoration quote that’s fair and honest. 

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More than just adding great aesthetic value to your home a roof restoration can provide you with so many more benefits


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A roof restoration, if done correctly, will add years to the life of your roof. Bare tiles will start to break down and deteriorate over time, eventually breaking down to the point where more tiles need replacing than not and a re-roof is needed. A roof restoration will seal the tile, adding 20+ years to the life of your roof! Not to mention prevent tile breaks, causing water damage on your ceiling and also attracting termites with the wet battens in your roof.


What is the difference from one roofing company to another?

There are many different factors that can determine a difference in price when getting quotes on a roof restoration.



A cheaper paint will save you hundreds, sometimes upwards of a thousand dollars on a large roof. But at what cost? In our experience, a cheaper paint can lift and peel as it simply does not have the technology or quality to withstand our harsh Queensland elements. Cheaper paint can also ‘go off’, meaning loose it’s colour over time. It may also be thinner meaning less coverage over your roof tiles.



Anyone can clean and paint a roof. The quality of workmanship is what will determine the difference between a roof restoration that looks great and will stand the test of time and a roof restoration that quickly fades and begins to peel, costing you A LOT MORE in the long run.



Hard to earn and easy to loose. We pride ourselves on having a great reputation built on proving honest advice and quality work. Just take a look at our online reviews to see what our past customers have to say about their experience with Brisco Roofing.


Work carried out

The condition of your roof and if you are experiencing any issues with leaking will determine the work that will need to be carried out on your roof throughout your roof restoration. You can skip these steps, but you will be left with the same issues and a painted roof.



When we meet with you to provide you with your obligation free quote we will thoroughly inspect your roof, providing you with a detailed account of your roof restoration so you can be a fully informed buyer. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have openly and also take photos of the concern areas if requested.


We would love to earn your business here at Brisco Roofing. Our friendly team are always here to assist you with all of your roof restoration needs. Call 1300 166 209 or send an online enquiry here to arrange your obligation free quote today.

Roof Type Gallery 

Here you can view the different before and after roof restoration galleries of just a few of the roofs Brisco Roofing have restored throughout Brisbane

Tiled Roof Restoration Gallery
Tiled Roof Restoration Gallery CLICK HERE TO VIEW
Tiled roofs are our specialty here at Brisco Roofing. We offer a wide colour range of colours to choose from our Nutech Roof Membrane range, so you are sure to be thrilled with the finished product. View the gallery here!
Metal Roof Restoration Gallery
Metal Roof Restoration Gallery CLICK HERE TO VIEW
Our metal roof restoration process has been specifically designed to ensure the best results and finish on your metal roof. You can see in the before and after gallery what a drastic change a roof restoration can make to your home.
Terracotta Roof Restoration Gallery
Terracotta Roof Restoration Gallery CLICK HERE TO VIEW
Let Brisco Roofing show you the beauty of your terracotta roof that is hiding under all that moss and lichen growth. Using specially designed products we are able to strip away the build up and prevent it’s return while bringing life back to your roof!

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