Heat Reflective Paint

It sounds futuristic, but it’s here. A roof paint that can reflect the heat of the sun.

Heat reflective roof paint was once just an idea. Now, after years and years of testing and perfecting Nutech have a range of heat reflecting roof paint!

Let’s face it. We live in Queensland, and although it is beautiful – it is HOT. Every little thing counts when it comes to cooling our homes. We install the air con and the insulation, run the fans and day dream about swimming in a pool. But what about your roof paint? It is your first barrier between your home and the blazing sun and now NXT Cool Zone heat reflecting paint can help you cut the heat it your home.

This heat reflective paint can help reduce the heat absorption by reducing the temperature in your roof by up to 30c, making the rooms in your home up to 6c – 10c cooler! In the past, the only way to help relieve the amount of heat your roof would absorb would be by painting your roof white which can show the dirt and look dirty much sooner than darker colours. Available in High Gloss or Low Sheen finishes in the 46 standard shades and can be custom colour matched, upon request. This advanced formula has fade resistant pigments saturated with colour and high resistance to chemicals, uv light and heat. This product has nano-technology, which improves dirt resistance and water beading along with advanced cross linking polymere chemistry for ultra durability. Eco-friendly green technology 100% acrylic polymers with ultra low VOC’s for healthy homes. VOC refers to volatile organic compounds that are not harmful to the environment and humans.

How does Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone work?

A standard roof membrane can absorb up to 95% of the sun’s heat. NXT Cool Zone reflects between 30% and 91% of the sun’s heat subject to colour. When measuring the heat reflecting levels we use the term TSR which refers to the total solar reflectance. As an example, NXT Charcoal has a TSR of 35% reflecting 500% more heat than conventional charcoal roof paint. Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone White has a TSR of more than 90%.

NXT Cool Zone is an innovative, nanotechnology modified acrylic polymer coating designed to substantially lower surface friction to significantly reduce dirt retention and ultimately, aide in the self-cleaning ability of the coating. What’s more, NXT Cool Zone utilises the latest exterior grade ultra-high durability fade-resistant and infrared reflective pigments which are highly resistant to chemicals, UV light and heat. Meaning your roof will look newer for longer!

When restoring your roof consider a premium Heat Reflective paint. Call our friendly team today on 1300 166 209 to further discuss your option for cooling your home by restoring your roof or click here to get in touch.

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