How do I choose a roof color?

 You’ve decided to restore your roof and now it has come time to choose your colour. ‘How do I choose a roof colour?’ I hear you ask. Well, I’m here to help…

First things first. 

Firstly, take your time. Try not to leave this decision to the last minute. Choosing a new roof colour is a big decision and one you will have to look at for the next decade, so you want to get this right. 

Things to Keep In Mind

Your guttering, fascia, your homes exterior, garage door and driveway are things (that unless you plan on painting) you need to keep in mind when choosing your new roof colour. Particularly your guttering, as it will be sitting right next to your freshly painted roof. It is also important to keep in mind the style of your home. 

Tip: Paint your guttering the same colour as your roof with a lighter fascia to give the appearance of a larger roof and higher exterior walls. This is also a fool proof way to tie your gutter in seamlessly with your roof. 

Get A Visual 


A lot of roofing companies will keep a ‘Drive By List’ which is a list of previously restored roofs organised by colour. This is a great idea to get a visual of what the colours look like on a roof. It is important to note that your colour chart should be looked at under direct light, colours will look lighter on your roof under direct light and in a large mass than on your colour chart. This is where seeing the colours in person will really help with your decision.  

Another great tool to assist you with your colour decision is Bristile’s Exterior Visualiser or here on Colorbond’s Vissualiser. This is a fantastic tool that enables you to change the colour of the whole exterior to match your own so you can really get a feel of what the colours will look like together. Although this is not a Nutech tool, most colours are similar on the colour chart. 

Rule Of Thumb 

A general rule for an exterior colour pallet is 2 contrasting colours and one accent. There is a bend in the 2 contrasting colour rule, you can have similar colours as long as your accent colour is very contrasting on the colour scale. In order to break up two similar colours on a roof and exterior wall the guttering would have to be the contrasting accent, along with other features such as rails, garage doors and window frames.

A shade of white is great to use as an accent on your fascia or gutters and window trims. This really works well to break up to similar colours. Lighter colours also give the illusion of these accents looking larger/higher.


Although the colour Charcoal has strongly dominated the roof restoration industry for the last decade, a new trend is taking over – Hamptons Style. Which sees lighter roofs and earthy tones becoming more and more popular, although darker greys will still work with the Hamptons Style colour schemes. 

Earthy tones are also becoming more in demand. Colours such as Nutech’s Wallaby, Gully, Shahara, Jasper and Evening Haze. You can view Nutech’s Colour Chart Here.  

Heat Reflective Options

When choosing a roof colour some worry about the heat this will add to their home when considering darker colours. This is something to keep in mind if you have low ceilings and no insulation, or are just looking at ways to cool your home. 

Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone is a range of heat reflective paints that can reduce the heat in your ceiling space by 30c and in your home up to 10c! To read more information about Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone you can read our detailed blog here


In summary, if you follow the rule of thumb to have 2 contrasting colours and one accent colour on your home while keeping in mind your permanent fixtures you will be on the right track. It is also a very wise idea where possible get visuals through a drive by list as the colours will appear lighter on your roof than on your colour chart. Restoring your roof is an exciting time! You are investing in your home while greatly adding to your street appeal. Taking your time to decide on the right roof colour for your home will have you looking up with pride for many years to come. 

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