When the roof on your home requires maintenance, the next best step is to contact Capalaba roof painting specialists and get their assistance. Remember that a replacement isn’t necessary all the time. However, some companies will try to convince you that it’s needed to get more money out of the project. This is especially true for tin and Colorbond roofs. Remember that roof repainting is cheaper than roof replacement. The price will depend on the roof type.

That’s why it’s important to learn how long roof paint lasts. Aside from this, it’s worth checking out whether your repainting is a good option or not. Roof painting delivers a lot of benefits for most homeowners. New roof paint can last for around 10 to 15 years. The service life will depend on the workmanship of the contractor and the quality of the paint.

Roof Repainting VS Replacement

Roof repainting is included in roof restoration. It will cost you one-third the price of a roof replacement. If you’re going with a roof replacement, it could cost you around $4,000 to $6,000. The final cost will depend on the size and style of the roof, plus the repairs required.

Disruptions are inevitable whether it’s a roof repainting or replacement. But when it comes to the former, there are fewer interruptions. Go for roof repainting and you’ll get a roof that looks brand new at a cheaper price with minimal disruptions.

The best thing about roof restoration is that building permits aren’t necessary. The roof specialists you hire can fix your roof right away. On the other hand, roof replacements are considered a large project. You need to submit a new floor plan for the council to approve.

When Is a Roof Repaint Necessary?

Some years ago, you could easily see the deterioration of metal or tile roof painting as the layer peels. But with recent improvements in painting products, this no longer happens.

If you do see the paint peeling off from your roof, either it has not undergone renovation for decades or the application was done improperly. The previous contractors likely used low-quality paint or didn’t bother coating the top layer. But even if the paint hasn’t been peeling off, we highly recommend renewing the paint and recoating your roof. Here are a few reasons why repainting the roof is ideal.

  • Provides additional protection
  • Colour change
  • Old roof restoration

A quality roof painting and/or coating done by a professional roofing company could add many years to the life expectancy of your roof.

To get the most out of your repainting project, be sure to hire a company with both roofing and painting certifications. While a painter may miss roof issues that could eventually turn out to be critical, a sole roofer may also be unaware of the specifics involved with the proper paint application.

Like all reputable companies, Brisco Roofing offers 10 years of workmanship and a product warranty. That is a guarantee you can rely on that your roof will be in good working condition for years to come. Get in touch with us today.