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How Long Does A Roof Restoration Last?

How long does a roof restoration last? That depends on a few things.

Generally a quality roof restoration will last between 10 – 15 years. After that time the roof coating should still remain on the tile and the ridge capping only need re-pointing. Over time the roof paint will fade and the glaze will erode due to our harsh Queensland climate and UV index. As long as the coating remains on the tile your tiles will be protected to an extent.  Once the glaze has eroded, the coating underneath oxidises and becomes very chalky. The oxidised coating must be removed, along with the dirt and grit that’s on the surface and in the craters and pores of the tiles

Ridge capping generally lasts 10 years, the mortar will then begin to break down resulting in cracks. This is when leaks may occur, along with other roof related issues. If you put off re-pointing you will eventually need your ridge capping re-bedding, which is much more costly than re-pointing. When a roofs ridge capping is re-bedded the old mortar is removed and the ridge caps are reset. 

What determines how long a roof restoration will last?


Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Brisbane

Roof cleaning is a very important element for a long lasting roof restoration. When cleaning the roof it is important all dirt and peeling paint be removed. If there is anything left on the surface of the tile it will interfere with the roof membrane adhesion, resulting in the paint lifting or peeling. 

We use top of the line water blaster that pump out upto 4000psi ( pounds per square inch) and use two cleaning tools to clean your roof. We use a whirlaway, pictured here, to clean over the tiles. If the roof paint is peeling a turbo head must be used to go over the roof inch by inch to remove the peeling paint. The noses of the tiles are carefully cleaned with the turbo head. If not done correctly your ceiling can be flooded so it is important to move in the correct motion at the proper speed to ensure a dry ceiling and a good clean.

Product Application

Correct product application is pivotal for your roof restoration lasting. There are so many elements to applying the product correctly. The tip size, angle of the gun and amount of product applied are all very important factors that determine how long your roof restoration will last. You will find if you have a warranty issue and the product has not been applied correctly, the manufactures warranty will be void. 

Our team has been extensively trained on all aspects of application to ensure your roof restoration will last for long after the warranty period has ended. 

Quality Productshow long will a roof restoration last

The roof can be perfectly cleaned and you can apply the products exactly as directed, but if the products are of poor quality there is no escaping a short lived roof restoration. Poor quality products can result in paint fading quickly, paint lifting and peeling, and ridge capping breaking down just to name a few issues. Cheaper products are a easy way to save money on your quote, but unfortunately it will cost you much more in the long run. 

A tradesman is as good as his tools (and products), because of this we have ensured we are using the highest quality products on the market for our Customers – our reputation depends on it! We use the range of Nutech Paint’s Roof Coating System  on every roof as it stands strong in our harsh climate.

Nutch’s Tileflex roof membrane has a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and the NXT Cool Zone has a 12 year manufacturers warranty. Nutech’s Maxi Point is guaranteed to resist normal occurring roof movements for 10 years without cracking or breaking away. This paired with a team who are extensively trained and apply the products as per the manufacturer’s directions ensures your roof will be looking great for many years to come.

So, in a nutshell your roof restoration will last between 10-15 years if quality products are used, your roof is cleaned properly and the product is applied as per the manufactures instructions. The best way to ensure your roof restoration will stand the test of time and look great long after the warranty period is to make sure you have a reputable company who is fully licenced in both painting and roof tiling, such as Brisco Roofing. Call us on 1300 166 209 for your free quote. 

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