How Long Does A Roof Restoration Take?

How Long Does A Roof Restoration Take?

A question you are likely to have when considering a roof restoration. There are a few variables that can determine how long a roof restoration will take, but generally a standard restoration will take between 2-3 days to complete. We always aim to complete every restoration with as little disruption to our customers and in a timely fashion.

Variables That Can Affect The Duration Of Your Roof Restoration: 

The Size of Your Roof

The average roof size of an Australian home is 150-200 square metres, in saying that if you have a very large home your restoration will obviously take more time. Generally no more than a day or two longer than the average sized roof, taking your roof restoration to 3-5 days to complete.


The weather is unfortunately something none of us can control, and frustratingly we can be held up by the rain for days or even weeks at a time. Our entire team are frequently looking at, the Bureau of Meteorology, to ensure we stay on top of the daily weather and the weeks forecast. Although our team work hard to keep things in a timely manner, sometimes we just cannot avoid the rain.

Man Power 

A man working on his own will take much longer than a team of 2-3 on the job site. As a general, our employees work in teams of 2-3 on every roof restoration. 


Every roof restoration is repointed and rebedding is done where required as standard with Brisco Roofing. If your job requires full rebedding this may add an extra day to your restoration as it is very time consuming and labor extensive to carry out a full rebed. 

A roof restoration involves:

  • Supply and install guard rail/safety harness if required
  • Clean out all guttering and valleys
  • Water redirection (if required)
  • Masking of solar panels and walls (if required)
  • Change broken tiles
  • Pressure Clean
  • Drill Weep holes
  •  Rebed ridge capping where required
  • Repoint ridge capping
  • 1 coat of Nutech Sealer/Primer
  • Hand painting where required
  • 2 coats of Nutech Tileflex Roof Membrane

Your roof restoration will be personalised to your requests and the individual needs of your roof. The team at Brisco Roofing can also supply and install whirlybirds and skylights in addition to your restoration. Call today for your free quote 1300 166 209 or click here

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