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Over time your roof will start to be covered from the elements. Dirt, grime, moss and lichen growth can make your roof look dull and lifeless. Cleaning your roof is the first step in bringing your roof back to life! You can read more about the importance of roof cleaning in our blog post here.

Before Roof Clean

After Roof Clean


Not All Roof Cleans Are The Same 

Depending on your roofs needs, Mouldshield C will be applied prior to cleaning to kill moss and lichen growth and prevent it from returning. Your tile type will also determine the level of pressure used during the cleaning process.

How To Pressure Clean Your Roof

First, all broken tiles must be changed to prevent any leaks into the ceiling space. It is important when cleaning at high pressure not to move too slowly and cause flooding through the tiles. Our team use a water blasting unit that has the capability of producing over 5000PSI. The level of PSI used on your roof will be determined by the team to ensure no damage is done to the roof and no flooding occurs.

Add Value To Your Home

Cleaning your roof will lift your curb appeal, adding great value to your home. When considering selling it is a great idea to look into a roof clean to quickly and easily improve the street appeal of your home.

Regular Maintenance Will Save You In The Long Term

Regularly maintaining and cleaning your roof every 5-10 years will save you money long term. Leaving your roof covered in dirt, moss and lichen will eventually break down your tile – resulting in a very costly re-roof if left too long.

Don’t Stop At A Roof Clean

Roof Cleaning is fantastic for lifting the look of your home, although we highly recommend painting your roof once you have cleaned it. Reason being, once the roof is cleaned and bare there is no protective coating to prevent deterioration of your roof over time. Which over time will result in a very costly re-roof of your home. A roof coating will protect your roof, tripling the life span of your roof.

Why Choose Brisco Roofing For Your Roof Clean?

  • Professional, highly trained team of tradesmen
  • Brisco Roofing have a small team of Employees, not fly by night contractors
  • Quality workmanship and a reputation you can trust
  • 10 Year Warranty on all Brisco Roofing’s workmanship and products
  • Friendly, pressure-free quotes by a tradesman, not a salesman.

Brisco Roofing is a family-owned and operated business who are passionate about providing Brisbane with quality roof restorations. We restore both commercial and residential tiled roofs, metal roofs and terracotta roofs. We also can provide installation of skylights and whirlybirds during your roof restoration process.

We stand behind our workmanship and products, offering a 10 year warranty on both and a 12 year warranty on Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone Roof Membrane.

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