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Nutech NXT Cool Zone 

 Nutech NXT Cool Zone – Heat Reflective Roof Membrane

Reflecting the sun’s heat away from your roof reducing the temperature inside your home 

Nutech NXT Cool Zone Diagram

Until now a darker roof colour would equal a higher temperature in your roof cavity. You can see in the diagram to the left showing the temperature difference of two tiles, the roof tile painted in NXT Cool Zone roof membrane is omitting a fraction of heat in comparison to the standard roof membrane on the market. Drastically reducing the head in the cavity. Standard roof membrane absorbs up to 95% of the sun’s light energy, while Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone roof membrane reflects between 35% and 91% of the sun’s heat.

 A revolutionary product to the market, Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone Heat Reflective Roof Membrane repels the heat of the sun through advanced technology, reflecting the heat from being absorbed and transferred into your roof cavity

Nutch’s NXT Cool Zone Roof Membrane 

  • Repel dirt and contamination
  • Prevent discolouration and growth of moss and lichen
  • Prevent fading of colour or loss of surface gloss due to moisture, temperature and UV light
  • Provide total waterproof protection and to stop peeling and cracking


nxt cool zone diagram

NXT Cool Zone Roof Membrane Features and Benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly green technology utilising 100% water-based acrylic polymers with very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Advanced cross-linking polymer chemistry for ultra durability
  • Fade-resistant micronised pigments infused with saturated colour and highly resistant to chemicals, UV light and heat
  • Revolutionary advanced formula to eliminate bacteria and biological contamination – safe for potable water collection
  • 100% waterproof which reduces thermal conductivity giving cement tiles improved thermal insulation in cold wet conditions
  • Satisfies Council Planning and Environmental controls for visual amenity
  • Contributes to 5 Star House and similar State and Federal energy rating requirements
  • Conforms to USA EPA Energy Star® Cool Roof requirements for roof slopes above 10 degrees which require a minimum 30% TSR (Total Solar Reflectance)
  • Uses nano-technology for improved water beading and dirt resistance
  • Saves money by reducing cooling costs and ongoing expenses
  • Contemporary gloss or low sheen finish
  • 15 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Are you interested in NXT Cool Zone for your roof restoration?

If you are interested in upgrading your roof membrane to Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone Roof Membrane for your roof restoration ask our friendly team to provide you with a quote during your roof restoration quote. For an average size roof this works out to be between an additional $900 – $1,100 to the cost of your roof restoration.

In addition to repealing the heat from your roof, NXT Cool Zone is enhanced with nano technology, with improved water beading and self-cleaning properties which is also safe for drinking water. You can read more about the benefits of this revolutionary heat reflective roof membrane here.

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