NXT Cool Zone Roof Membrane Upgrade

It is great to have options, even when it comes to restoring your roof. We only use one brand of roof membrane – Nutech, but offer two choices when it comes to your roof membrane – Tileflex or NXT Cool Zone. Both are fantastic products, although Nutech NXT Cool Zone is the premium option for our customers.

There are many things that set NXT Cool Zone roof membrane apart from the others. Here’s what you need to know.

NXT Cool Zone Cost

On average, NXT Cool Zone costs an additional $1,000 on an average sized roof.


Warranty on NXT Cool Zone is for 12 years in comparison to 10 years for Tileflex.

Heat Reflective

As the name suggests, this paint is heat reflective. You can read more information regarding how the heat reflection works on our blog post here. Depending on the colour, it will reflect between 75% and 27% of the TSR (total solar reflectance). When looking at your colour chart you will see the TSR percentage on the bottom right hand side of each colour swatch. You can view the colour chart here.

More Colour Options

In addition to the standard 46 Nutech colours, the NXT Cool Zone also has a range of 9 pastel colours all with a TSR rating of 70% and above. Low sheen is also available upon request.


Why Choose Brisco Roofing?

  • Professional, highly trained team of tradesmen
  • Brisco Roofing have a small team of Employees, not fly by night contractors
  • Quality workmanship and a reputation you can trust
  • 10 Year Warranty on all Brisco Roofing’s workmanship and products
  • Friendly, pressure-free quotes by a tradesman, not a salesman.

Brisco Roofing is a family-owned and operated business who are passionate about providing Brisbane with quality roof restorations. We restore both commercial and residential tiled roofs, metal roofs and terracotta roofs. We also can provide installation of skylights and whirlybirds during your roof restoration process.

We stand behind our workmanship and products, offering a 10 year warranty on both and a 12 year warranty on Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone Roof Membrane.

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