Painter or Roofing Company?

Should you choose a roofing company or a painter to paint your roof? 

There are many painters around Brisbane advertising that they ‘Paint Roofs’. In fact, I was in a paint shop collecting paint and overheard a painter asking the young man behind the desk ‘So, how do I apply this’ referring to his bucket of roof membrane he just purchased. This gave me shivers. A roof has a very different surface in comparison to other areas generally painted by a painter.  

Firstly, a roofer can spot a broken tile a mile away. All of your broken tiles will be changed with a roofing company, where they may be simply painted over when using a painter. If these tiles aren’t changed prior to your roof painting, future leaks can occur. Sure, the broken tile can certainly be changed after but keep in mind the replacement tile going in will not be the same colour. This tile will stand out like Elsa at a Spiderman party. 

Preparation is key to a long-lasting application of your roof membrane. If any dirt, moss, lichen growth or the like are still remaining on your roof the product cannot adhere properly. The only way to do this is with a high pressure industrial waterblaster. This is no Karcher job. The professional waterblasters hit your roof with 4000-5000PSI (PSI: Pounds Per Square Inch, is a measure of the water pressure generated by the pump. The higher the PSI, the more pressure that is being generated.) This machine will blow a hole in your foot if you get too close, dirt build up does not stand a chance. I have never seen one of these machines on the back of a painter’s truck.

Comparing a painter to a roofing company when it comes to painting your roof is like comparing a unicycle to a car…


They both get you there, but one is very different to the other

We have seen it too many times, a roof is not primed correctly and paint is applied. It looks great… for a year or perhaps two. Then we get a call asking if we can remove all the peeling paint. This, in turn, cost the Customer much more than it would have originally. The peeling paint needs to be removed with a turbo head attached to the waterblaster. Each and every inch of the roof needs to be painstakingly gone over to blast the peeling paint away. And then the process of correctly painting your roof can begin. You can read more about the importance of roof cleaning here

Not every roof requires the same products to get premium results. After 20+ years experience, we can tell you exactly what your roof requires. For example, depending on your tiles surface your roof may need a steriliser or a mould and moss cleaning prior to cleaning. When it comes to primer you may require a high build primer for rough tile surfaces or a thin penetrating primer for oxidised, powdery roof tiles. Quite simply, the incorrect product will not do the job you require. 

Applying roof membrane to a roof is an art, a skill perfected over many years. The tilt of your wrist, the correct tip used on the paint sprayer, the paint flow, and correct application to ensure no lines on your roof are visible. These are just a few of the things going through our team’s mind when applying the roof paint. Ensuring the best paint is being applied is just a fraction of the picture. 

Ensuring the best paint is being applied is just a fraction of the picture

When choosing a roofing company to paint your roof you will also have your ridge capping re-pointed where required. Re-pointing is roof maintenance that should be carried out every 10-13 years to prevent future leaks and generally maintain your roof. If you currently have any water issues I can tell you, painting your roof will just mean you have a painted roof that leaks. Even if you can’t visually see a leak it does not mean it isn’t happening when it rains. A roofer will also look over your roof, looking for signs that water may be entering inside your roof and prevent water damage before it happens and you’re calling the insurance company to replace your sagging ceiling. 

Your thinking about having your roof restored? Please call a professional. Our friendly team are here to help. Call 1300 166 209 for your free quote. 

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