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Roof Painting Bayside

Roof painting Bayside is the easiest way to lift the look of your home. Painting your roof visually improves the look of your home along with sealing your roof tiles and prolonging the life of your roof!

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Roof Painting Bayside


Brisco Roofing is proud to be based in beautiful Bayside, Brisbane, providing quality roof painting Brisbane wide to all of our valued customers. A premium roof membrane paint, along with great workmanship, is the key to your roof looking newer for longer. We have tried and tested every roof paint available on the market and are proud to offer our Customers a premium product – Nutech Paints. We have found the application and colour hold of Nutech’s Roof Membrane to be superior to all other paints on the market. It is imperative for us to ensure we are giving our Customers the very best in all areas, our reputation depends on it. 


The Roof Painting Bayside Process


  • Supply and install guard rail to comply with OH&S regulations where required
  • A thorough inspection of your roof will take place prior to cleaning
  • All broken tiles are changed. The old tile will be removed and disposed of
  • Clean all guttering, removing any debris
  •  A roof sterilizer is applied to the roof area prior to cleaning to kill moss and lichen growth



  • The roof will be thoroughly cleaned with a whirlaway
  • The nose of every tile is high pressured cleaned
  • A final rise off of your roof and gutter flush  
  • Your home’s exterior will be rinsed down to remove any overspray from cleaning. This includes gutters, windows, walls etc.
  • All dirty water from roof clean will be bilge pump back to a grassed area to prevent contaminating waterways



  • Your roof will be repointed using West-Flex Flexible Pointing
  • Weep holes will be inserted. This is to prevent water build up under the ridges
  • De-dagging will be done to remove the small pieces created from the repointing process



  • Reset valley cuts
  • Install valley clips to prevent tiles from sliding in the valley



  • Any skylights, solar panels, walls and gables will be masked with a protective sheeting where needed to prevent any paint overspray
  • A coat of Nutech High Build Roof Primer will be applied. This seals the roof and enhances adhesion of the top coat. Locking the concrete the roof sealer giving you a lasting finish.
  • Hand painting is then be carried out on the barge capping once the tiles are sealed to ensure a neat finish.
  • Two coats of Nutech – TileFlex Roof Membrane are applied in your choice of colour
  • All coats are thoroughly inspected


Six spare tiles that have been cleaned, primed and painted will be left for our customers, should they ever need them in the future. All Brisco Roofing’s workmanship and products are back by a 10 year warranty for your peace of mind. 

We offer the full range of Nutech’s product range. You can view the Nutech TileFlex Roof Membrane colour chart here

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Our Core Values

Honest advice, quality work is our motto here at Brisco Rooing. We believe always putting our customers first and consistently providing exceptional workmanship has been a major part in creating the solid foundation of Brisco Roofing.

Our Home Owners Say

Roof Restoration Brisbane gary and geraldine testimonial

“Thank you Brisco Roofing for the wonderful job on our roof restoration, the house looks a million dollars.  Congratulations to Ged and his staff as they certainly do uphold their work ethics of “Honest Advice, Quality Work”. We will be happy to refer any business your way.”

Roof Restorations Brisbane Customer

“Ged and his team at Brisco Roofing delivered a fantastic result and managed to fit in our roof refurbishment to suit our schedule.  It was great to go on a holiday and return to a quality job with no problems whatsoever.  Great work Brisco!”


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