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Roof restorations are essential to maintain the integrity of your roof and should be carried out every 10-15 years. Queensland’s hard climate slowly wears the coating on your roof down, leaving your metal and tiled roofs bare and exposed. Not only is this unpleasing aesthetically, but having a roof without a protective coating for an extending period of time may be costly!

Metal roofs with no coating will eventually become riddled with rust. Although spot treatments of rust are standard on a roof restoration, if there is too much rust there is no option other than a re-roof. Tiled roofs without a coating will become brittle over time and the tiles will easily crack and break. This will result in leaks in your home, and if the tiles are too brittle they will be unable to be walked on making a roof restoration impossible.

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What roofs do Brisco Roofing restore?

We specialise in restoring both metal and tiled roofs across Brisbane. We restore both commercial and residential metal and tiled roofs, along with unit complexes. Please note we no longer restore terracotta roofs. Due to demand, we do not cover past Aspley, Cornubia and Salisbury at this stage.

How long does it take to paint my tiled roof?

A standard home will take 2-3 days to complete the roof paining. This will involve preparation work, cleaning, re-pointing and re-bedding the ridge capping, application of a roof primer and 2 coats of roof membrane. You can read more in depth about the tiled roof painting process here.

How much does it cost to paint my tiled roof?

The cost to paint your tiled roof will vary from $3,000 – $6,000. Factors such as the size of your roof, guard rail requirements, broken tiles and the condition of your ridge capping will determine this cost. Read more on cheap roof restorations here.

What is a roof restoration?

A roof restoration should always be carried out by a experienced tradesman. DIY roof restorations are very costly to correct. A metal roof restoration involves removing all rusty screws and replacing them with new galvanized roofing screws. Any rust is spot treated to stop the rust bleeding through your new paint. Then the roof is pressure cleaned. This is then followed by the application of one coat of primer and two coats of roof membrane. You can read more in dept about metal roof restorations here.

Metal Roof Restoration Process

Tiled Roof Restoration Process

The tiled roof restoration preparation involves changing all broken tiles and re-clipping the valleys. The ridge capping is then re-pointed and re-bedding if required. The painting process then begins by priming the roof with one coat of primer followed by two coats of roof membrane. You can read more indepth about the tiled roof restoration process here.
Our Roof Restoration Products

As important as an experienced tradesman, quality products are essential for a quality roof restoration. The Nutech Professional Roof Restoration System has specially formulated primers, sealer and roof membrane for every roof surface. After 40 years of advanced research and development program, Nutech has produced the most technologically advanced roof coatings.

Nutech’s roof coatings are designed to withstand the tough Australian environment and protect and enhance the appearance of your most valued investment, your home. Unlike many other roof paints, Nutech roof coatings are manufactured from tough acrylic resins and fade resistant pigments which are durable, flexible and resistant to ultra-violet sunlight, to provide complete waterproof protection for your roof. Nutech coatings are also environmentally friendly and suitable for the collection of drinking water.

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“Ged and his team at Brisco Roofing delivered a fantastic result and managed to fit in our roof refurbishment to suit our schedule.  It was great to go on a holiday and return to a quality job with no problems whatsoever.  Great work Brisco”

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“Thank you Brisco Roofing for the wonderful job on our roof restoration, the house looks a million dollars.  Congratulations to Ged and his staff as they certainly do uphold their work ethics of “Honest Advice, Quality Work”. We will be happy to refer any business your way.”

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“We would like to thank you for your great service. Ged has done excellent work on our roof. Roof now looks amazing, just like brand new. We have had a number of our neighbours comment on just how great it looks. You have definitely delivered on your promise of ‘honest advice, quality work’ and we would not hesitate recommending you to our friends and family.”