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We restore both metal and tiled roofs, attending any required repair work in the process. Roof restorations are essential to maintain the integrity of your roof and should be carried out every 10-15 years. Queensland’s hard climate slowly wears the coating on your roof down, leaving your metal and tiled roofs bare and exposed. Not only is this unpleasing aesthetically, but having a roof without a protective coating for an extending period of time may be costly.

A roof restoration should always be carried out by an experienced tradesman who can provide you with Workcover and Public Liability insurances along with QBCC licencing in both roofing and painting. It is always good measure to do a quick QBCC licence check online for anyone you are considering to restore your roof.

Both metal and tile roof restorations will have guard rail supplied and installed if required, gutters and valleys will be flushed and cleaned, along with a bilge pump set up to prevent contaminated water from going into the water ways if needed. Drain pipes that are connected to drinking water are disconnected and temporary down pipes are installed. Any solar panels, skylights and second story exterior walls are taped and masked with protection sheeting to prevent any overspray. Any roofs with mould, moss and lichen growth will be treated with a roof steriliser. All roofs are high pressure cleaned and any peeling paint is removed using a turbo head. We rinse down the exterior of all homes after roof cleaning to ensure we leave your home as it was when we arrived. We ensure to comply with all OH&S and council regulations.

Metal roof restorations are as above with the addition of all rusty screws replaced and any spot rust treated. This is then followed with one coat of Nutech Metal Primer and two coats of Nutech Tileflex roof membrane along with any hand painting where required.

Our tiled roof restorations are in depth, it is the small things that make a big difference with a roof restoration. Brisco Roofing tiled roof restorations include the above, along with any broken tiles replaced, and any repair work carried out. We also re-clip all valleys to prevent tiles from sliding, which will eventually cause leaks. Ridge capping is then grinded down using an electric grinder to remove old mortar and achieve a smooth edge. Rebedding is carried out where required, followed by repointing all ridge capping with flexible pointing. Weep holes are then inserted to prevent water building up in the ridges, resulting in future leaks. This is finished with one coat of Nutech primer and two coats of Nutech Tileflex roof membrane along with any required hand painting. We leave 6 spare tiles on every job that have been cleaned, primed and painted should you require them in the future.

Past Roof Restoration Projects

Your questions, answered

We specialise in restoring both metal and tiled roofs across Brisbane. We restore both commercial and residential metal and tiled roofs, along with unit complexes. Please note we no longer restore terracotta roofs. Due to demand, we do not cover past Aspley, Cornubia and Salisbury at this stage.

A standard home will take 2-3 days to complete the roof paining. This will involve preparation work, cleaning, re-pointing and re-bedding the ridge capping, application of a roof primer and 2 coats of roof membrane. You can read more in depth about the tiled roof painting process here.

The cost to paint your tiled roof will vary from $3,000 – $6,000. Factors such as the size of your roof, guard rail requirements, broken tiles and the condition of your ridge capping will determine this cost. Read more on cheap roof restorations here.

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