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Our Roofing Services

Tiled Roof Painting

Over the years tiled roofs begin to look worn, weathered and old, which can bring the look of the entire home down with it. Roof painting is a key way to add value to your home while completely revamping your house. Single-handedly, roof painting can be the fastest way to renovate the exterior of your home.

Many people, when they start to research roof painting, learn that roof painting is not something that should NOT be completed by a painter, but rather a tradesman. Unlike a painting walls there is much more to painting the roof than that painting. The prep, the repair work and the application are all things that are key to a roof painting that lasts. The equipment used to clean and paint the roof are worth tens of thousands of dollars, and is not something most painters have on hand. You can read more information about this in our blog here.

metal roof cleaning

Metal Roof Painting

Over time the coating on a metal roof will break down, leaving the metal bare and prone to rusting. If the rusting becomes too excessive, a costly re-roof will be required, removing all rusty metal sheets and replacing them with new Colorbond sheeting. This is easily prevented by painting your roof every 10-15 years with a quality roof membrane. Metal roof painting is the same as a metal roof restoration, and should only be carried out by company with licenses in both roofing and painting.

Tiled Roof Restoration

Maintenance on your roof is required every 10-15 years to ensure it is kept in good, sound condition and prevent a costly re-roof in the future. Much like roof painting, a roof restoration will achieve a fresh new, updated look for your home while adding great value to your asset. Roof restorations and roof painting are in the same pot, as roof painting is a part of a roof restoration and roof painting is not something that should be done with out the maintenance unless your roof was recently restored and you are purely looking for a colour change.

There are many steps involved in our roof restorations that ensure they stand strong for years to come, which you can read a detailed description of our scopes of work here. It is important to also note that on a tiled roof once the roof coating has worn off your tile, and the tile is bare it will eventually, over time, start to break down. Leaving you with a brittle weak tile, leaking roof and very expensive re-roof as the only option. Again, this is why regular maintenance every decade or so is so important to the health of your home.

Change broken tiles repair
metal roof painting

Metal Roof Restoration

A metal roof restoration is the fastest way to refresh the look of your home and ensure your roof is sound. When restoring your metal roof it is important to spot treat any rust spots and change any rusty screws to prevent the rust from bleeding into your new paint. Prepping a metal roof is just as important as prepping a tiled roof. Failing to do so will result in your paint lifting and peeling, which is a very labor extensive and time consuming (costly) process.

As with all of our roof restorations, we offer a heat reflective paint for our metal and tiled roofs that can reduce the heat. We find in garages and sheads this can be very beneficial. As mentioned above, metal roof painting falls into the same category as roof painting and again needs to be carried out by a qualified licensed roofer and painter. These are two separate trade licenses, and guarantee that the company painting your metal roof is trained and experienced for the job.

Whirlybird and Skylight Installation

We can supply and install Whirlybirds/Roof Ventilators to your roof during your roof restoration. We use Edmonds CSR Windmaster Whirlybirds.

You can read more details about our whirlybirds/roof ventilators here.

We can supply and install skylights in your home or office space during your roof restoration. We have a wide range of skylights we can offer to bring through natural light into your home.

You can read more about our skylights installation process here. 

Roof Ventilator

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