So Much More Than Aesthetics

Why your roof restoration is so much more than good looks…

There are many reason people decide to restore their roof. Some choose to restore because they are having issues with leaks. Others feel their roof is looking tired and worn and needs to be updated. While some notice their bedding holding the ridges in place is holding on by a thread. 

Roof Leaks

Often the damage is already done by the time you find a roof leak. Leaks may be a result of a broken tile/s, blocked valleys or cracked bedding. 

The Aesthetics

A roof restoration is the most cost effective way to refresh the exterior of your home. Restoring your roof will potentially make your home look new again. 

Breaking Down Bedding 

When you look up at your ridges, is the bedding showing signs of cracks? We have seen bedding so broken down that you can literally lift the ridge up with no effort. It is literally just sitting there on your roof. In a strong wind storm, a flying ridge can cause a lot of damage! Every 10 or so years we suggest having your roof inspected to ensure no maintenance needs to be carried out. 

Bare tiles 

This reason is often overlooked when looking up. Over time your roof coating wears down, eventually revealing a bare concrete tile. If left the tile will continue to weather and break down weakening the tile and as a result, you will find your roof tiles easily fracture. We have seen roofs where the tiles are too far gone to restore and water damage is extensive. This results in a necessary (and very expensive) re-roof. 

Every 10 years your roof should be inspected. Leaving your roof for 15-20 years may end up costly! Call our friendly team on 1300 166 209 or click here for your free roof inspection. 

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