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Want to lower your power bills and utilize our Queensland sunshine? With the consistently rising prices of the cost of electricity, solar power is becoming more and more common on Australian homes. Queensland government also offers a very generous rebate, making the cost of solar affordable that ever.

Brisco Roofing offer premium quality solar panels and inverters ranging from 5kw to 15kw inverter sizes to suit all homes and commercial building needs. Our solar specialist can provide you with a detailed proposal showing you the number of panels and the best inverter for your homes needs and roof capability. This proposal will also show you in detail the potential money you can save installing solar to your home and include the government rebate savings.

To find out how much solar can save you on your solar bill get in touch with our friendly team for your no obligation free quote.

Your questions, answered


We offer solar system sizes from 3 – 30kw/h. The system best suited to your roof area will be detailed on your quote.

The warranty’s is between 12 – 15 years, depending on which inverter and panels you choose.

We only offer high quality panels to ensure you are optimising your inverter and solar return. We offer REC, Trina and Longi PV panels.

We offer Fronius and SMA inverters. These are high quality inverters to ensure you are getting the best return from your solar investment.

We offer the full STC’s as a Refund before the final amount payable. This fluctuates year to year.


Brisco Roofing has been operating for over 10 years. Ged has been roofing since he was 15 and has over 24 years experience.

We use Nutech Paints range of roof coatings and flexible pointing. We have tried and tested all brands on the market and have found Nutech’s products to stand strong in our harsh Queensland climate.

We specialise in both metal and tiled roof restorations along with solar installation. Whirlybirds and skylights are a service we can offer in conjunction with your roof restoration.

Quotes can generally be provided within a day or two. When you call the office we will take your details and pass them onto Ged, our owner. He will give you a call to arrange a time for a quote. As he hands on with the jobs, your call back time may vary but generally in the afternoon.

We are a small team with no subcontractors. Due to this we have a limited turn over and do book 2-4 months in advance. Most customers feel their roof has looked that way for the past few years and are happy to wait for a quality job.

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