The Importance of Roof Cleaning

We had the joy of restoring the beauty back to this roof in Brisbane with our roof cleaning services.

To Start

You can see before the roof cleaning the roof was dirty, tired and worn. The top coat was starting to lift and accumulation of dirt and debris was building.

 The Cleaning

After the team cleaned the roof with a Whirlaway at 4000 PSI all dirt and build up was blasted away, bringing the tiles back to bare concrete. It is important that the roof cleaning is done correctly and all dirt, moss, lichen, build up is completely removed.

“If anything is remaining on the tiles the paint will not adhere correctly to your roof and will eventually lift and peel.”
Ged Cartella – Brisco Roofing, Director

After inspecting the roof clean and carry out the necessary bedding, repointing, valley cutting, and re-clipping the team then masked all sky lights, solar panels, and gables to prevent overspray during the painting process.

The Prep

The team then applied a coat of Dulux AcraTex Prep Treat to the roof area prior to sealing with a primer. This sterilises the surfaces and kills off any mould spores and effectively prevents any growth in the future. Priming the roof correctly ensures the roof restoration will last and look great for 10+ years.

The Primer

Next, a coat of Dulux AcraTex High Build Primer was applied. High Build Primer is a water based, high build acrylic primer-surface filler excellent for concrete tiles as is fills any pits in the tiles make an even surface while ensuring the best coverage and application of the Roof Membrane.

Hand Painting

After the Primer was applied the team then carried out all hand painting on the barge capping etc.

The Painting

Two thick coats of Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane were then applied evenly to the roof in the colour Terracotta. A full inspection was carried out of our Customers roof ensuring our high Brisco standards were met. You can see more of our successful roof restoration results in 0ur gallery.

The Clean Up

The exterior of our Customers home was then rinsed down to remove any dirt overspray and to ensure the home is left as it was when we arrived. As a standard we also left 6 spare tiles for our Customer that had been clean, prepped, primed and painted should they ever require a tile change in the future.

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