The Three Most Common Cause Of A Roof Leak

A roof leak should not be ignored and should be addressed as soon as it is noticed. Turning a blind eye to that water patch on your ceiling may result in some very expensive repairs down the track. A roof leak is often more complex than just looking above the watermark on your ceiling. 

The Three Most Common Cause Of A Roof Leak

Broken Tiles

Broken tiles are the most common and the easiest to identify when it comes to addressing your water leak and should be the first thing you cross off the list. Broken tiles can sometimes be hard to spot so best to have your roof inspected by a qualified roofer. Even better, when you have a roof restoration all broken tiles will be changed – but keep in mind if this is not the cause of your leak, then the leak will remain. 

What causes a broken tile?

Sometimes a tile can break due to the coating wearing off over time and the concrete becoming bare and brittle. This is why it is important to restore your roof every 10-15 years. Tiles can also break from being walked on incorrectly or as a result of having work done on your roof such as solar, electrical or other trades work.

A Tear In Your Sarking Paper

A tear in your sarking paper is also another common cause of roof leaks. Most commonly we see tears is customer’s sarking paper form electrical work or from deterioration. It is incredibly important to inform your roofer if you have had previous leaks and when restoring a roof it is impossible to see the sarking paper unless the tiles have been lifted off to inspect the area. As mentioned above, a restoration will only fix your leak issues if it is a broken tile causing the leak. 

Blocked Gutters 

Another common cause of roof leaks is blocked gutters. When heavy rain hits your roof gutters need to be able to handle all the water flowing down your roof and if they are blocked the water has nowhere to go. Often the water will then back up in your gutter and go into your roof. 

You may want to consider Gutter Guard if you have trees around your home that are constantly dropping leaves into your gutters. 

How To Clean Your Gutters 

Your gutters should be cleaned once every six months, sooner if you have a lot of trees around your home.  Along with your ladder, you will need gloves, a bucket, and a broom. Have all of the accessories ready and carefully place your ladder against your guttering, ensuring it is sturdy. Keeping one hand on your ladder, use your free hand to remove as much debris as possible from your gutter and place it into the bucket. Then use the brush to gather as much of the remaining debris as possible. Don’t worry is there is a small amount remaining, this will be flushed down during the next rainfall. You can see a detailed video on gutter cleaning here

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