Tile Roof Restoration Brisbane

Tile Roof Restoration Brisbane

Tiled Roof Restorations

To maintain the integrity of your home it is important to restore your roof every 10-15 years. Tiled roofs will begin to loose their protective coating over time, leaving the tiles bare and exposed. Should the tiles be left for an extended time bare and not recoated the tiles will become brittle and easily broken. This may result in a costly reroof of upwards of $20,000. Your rebedding should be inspected and redone every 10-15 years, which is part of the restoration. This prevents any water seeming through cracked ridge capping and prevents the ridges from slipping.

Your roof will be cleaned, all broken tiles are replace, ridge capping repointed and rebedded if required. Your roof will then have one coat of primer applied followed by 2 coats of roof membrane. You can read the roof restoration process in detail here.

This is determined by many factors such as if guard rail is required, the number of broken tiles, the state of your ridge capping. As a guide, roof restorations generally vary from $3,000 – $7,000. At Brisco Roofing we provide free quotes and always quote in person. This ensures we can correctly assess the condition of your roof and provide you with the best options.

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