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What does roof restoration mean?

What does roof restoration mean? You may have heard the term ‘roof restoration’ when you started looking into painting your roof and wondered what the difference is between a roof restoration and roof painting? Well, I am here to explain the difference for you.

how long will a roof restoration lastWhat does roof painting mean and involve?

Roof painting is just simply that – painting your roof. A lot of licenced Painters will offer this service and they are not trained, licenced or experienced in rebedding and repointing the ridge capping on your roof. Roof painting simply involves cleaning your roof and painting it, hopefully broken tiles are replaced as well.

The problem here is that if your ridge capping is not repointed or rebedded prior to painting, it will continue to break down under the roof paint and result in future leaks. A licenced Roof Tiler will know what to look for and pick up on those fractured tiles that can be easily missed to the untrained eye.

Often when you approach a roofing company and request a roof painting quote, you will in face be receiving a roof restoration quote. 

Things to keep in mind when considering painting your roof:

  • A painter can only paint your roof, a roof tiler has extensive knowledge of a roof and knows how to repair any issues. Try and choose a company who is licensed and experienced in both painting and roof tiling. Both quality roof painting and roof repairs are equally important.
  • If a roof is not cleaned correctly the roof paint will eventually begin to lift and peel
  • If not repointed and rebedded your ridge capping will continue to deteriorate under the roof membrane 
  • Quality paint is a must when painting your roof. You can apply a poor product perfectly, but it is still a poor product. A quality product will last for 12+ years.

What does a roof restoration mean and involve?

A roof restoration is much more in depth than just painting your roof. Firstly all broken tiles are replaced and the gutters cleaned of any debris. The roof is then cleaned with a high pressure cleaner between 2000-3000 PSI. Your valley will then be reclipped and vall cuts reset if required.

Your ridge capping will need to either be fully re-bedded or re-bedded where required, depending on it’s condition. You can read more information about ‘What is re-bedding’ here. The roof will then be repointed with flexible repointing and weep holes inserted to prevent water build up in the ridges.

All solar panels, walls and gables are then maked up to prevent overspray prior to painting. One coat of Nutech Primer will be applied specifically chosen to match your tile’s needs. Two coats of Nutech Tileflex roof membrane is then applied and hand painting is carried out to ensure a neat finish. 

Things to keep in mind when considering a roof restoration:

  • Choose a company who is licenced in both painting and roof tiling
  • Quality is key – ensure they are using premium products (this may cost more now, but will cost you a lot less in the end)
  • Ensure you are getting a detailed written quote with everything that is included in your roof restoration to prevent any unwanted surprises 

A roof restoration is best done every 10-15 years, depending on the condition of your roof paint and pointing. Maintenance every 10-15 years is highly recommended, as if left bare the tiles will begin to break down after many years with no coating. Ridge capping issues will also result in leaks if left untreated. 

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