What’s Involved in a Roof Restoration Service?

A roof restoration professional in Capalaba begins the service by cleaning the roof using a high-pressure washer. This method removes mould, dirt, and algae.

In the next step, the roofing specialist will repair the damages. When there are broken or cracked tiles, they will be replaced. Tiled roofs will possibly need rebedding and repointing. Sheet metal roofs, on the other hand, will include sealing and replacement of the metal sheet.

The last step would be to repaint and recoat the roof. Experts mention that it will involve a general primer, a filler (used for older tiles), then a topcoat.

They may look easy by merely looking at the description. But you have to remember that you need qualified professionals to perform roof restoration. Doing so ensures your safety and a long-term solution.

In this post, we are going to look at an overview of what’s included when you hire a professional for roof restoration services.

Metal Roof Restoration vs Roof Tile Restoration

The roof restoration process in Alexandra Hills will depend on the roof you have. Let’s take a look at processes involved in metal roof and roof tile restoration.

For homes with metal roofing, the restoration will likely involve patching up spots or replacing the entire sheet.

Normally, leaks start at the seams, where the roof is connected to the guttering or flashing. A patch, which is made from Colorbond or the same type of metal, will be applied to the spot. To fix the patch, our roofing specialist will use metal screws to seal and prevent further leakage.

As for homes with roof tiles, our roofing specialist will replace a broken or faulty tile to avoid future structural damage and possible costly repairs. Damages to tiles are caused by a variety of reasons.

Tile replacement will include additional costs as it comes with rebedding and repointing. The last step would be to apply fungicide and a sealer.

Roof Restoration: The Process and Beyond

Are you wondering how long roof restoration in Wynnum takes? The reality is that there is no solid answer when it comes to the duration of the service. Factors that affect the timeframe include the size of the roof, the severity of the damages, and the weather. Generally speaking, restorations last for about 10 days.

A high-quality roof restoration will usually last for about 15 years. Paint manufacturers will also provide a warranty for the paint used on the roof, which is normally around 10 years. You can talk to us about the warranties we provide. We’ll clarify which ones can be and cannot be covered.

Whenever you’re ready for a roof restoration, our specialist will visit your site so that we can provide you with a precise estimate. It will detail all the jobs that need to be done.

Brisco Roofing ensures high-standard roof restoration services. Call us for a free quote today!

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