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Roof Replacement Brisbane 

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It is important to us that we continue to provide the most premium products available on the market along with exceptional service to our customers to ensure a roof replacement that will stand the test of time. 

Roof Replacement Services

Are you looking to extend your home? Perhaps your sarking paper and spring clips are leaking? Or your tiles are fractured or broken? We are here to help. 

Roof Tile Replacement (Re-Roof) 

Are you suffering from extensive leaks? If your roof has not been maintained your tiles may be brittle and you may have more fractures than not – resulting in 70-80% of your tiles already broken and leaks throughout your roof. Unfortunately, a roof restoration is not an option if this is the case. Painting fractured/broken tiles will not fix your problem as you will continue to have watch seeping through the fractures in your tiles.

This is when a roof replacement is required

The team will remove all tiles and dispose of into an industrial bin supplied by us. We will then relay new heavy duty sarking paper and battens across your roof. Your tiles will then be laid and new spring clips installed, along with the ridge capping rebedded. Many choose to restore their roof once the roof replacement is complete, unless using brand new tiles. Generally, we source quality second hand tiles for our customers as it is a much more cost effective way of re-tiling your roof.


Re-clip Roof Replacement 

Again, if your roof is leaking it may be an issue with your spring clips. To rectify all tiles will be removed from your roof. New sarking paper and battens will be installed and your tiles will be re-laid and new spring clips installed. Very similar to a re-roof, except we use your existing tiles.


Roof Extensions 

Our professional team is experienced with roof extensions. We can seamlessly extend your roof by sourcing the same tiles as your existing tiles and restoring your entire roof to ensure the end result will be a roof that looks like it was there from the beginning.  We can work alongside of your builder/architect to ensure a seamless process alternatively, we can happily work on our own.  You can view our roof extensions in our roof restoration gallery here.


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Our Core Values

Honest advice, quality work is our motto here at Brisco Rooing. We believe always putting our customers first and consistently providing exceptional workmanship has been a major part in creating the solid foundation of Brisco Roofing.

Our Home Owners Say

Roof Restoration Brisbane gary and geraldine testimonial

“Thank you Brisco Roofing for the wonderful job on our roof restoration, the house looks a million dollars.  Congratulations to Ged and his staff as they certainly do uphold their work ethics of “Honest Advice, Quality Work”. We will be happy to refer any business your way.”


“Ged and his team at Brisco Roofing delivered a fantastic result and managed to fit in our roof refurbishment to suit our schedule.  It was great to go on a holiday and return to a quality job with no problems whatsoever.  Great work Brisco!”


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