Brisbane Roofing Services

Our services include:


Roof Repairs

Changing broken tiles, roof sarking paper repair, flashing repair, as well as re-bedding and re-pointing your ridge capping. 



Roofing Services - Cleaning Roof Cleaning

We can clean your metal or tile roof using high pressure water blasters, whirlaway and turbo head attachments to ensure a perfect clean. We can also apply sterilisers and moss and lichen growth killers to break down the build up and prevent further growth.


Roof Painting

We can paint your metal or tile roof using Nutech’s Tileflex Roof Membrane, the most premium product on the market. Available in a wide range of colours to ensure you will find just what you’re searching for to match your home’s colour scheme. Nutech’s Tileflex Roof Membrane is also available in a NXT Cool Zone option that has heat reflective properties.


Brisbane roof restorationRoof Restorations 

We can restore the life back to both commercial and residential roofs with our extensive roof restoration process. You can read more about the roof restoration process here.


Roof Repair SkylightWhirlybird and Skylight Installation

We can provide and install a wide range of whirlybirds and skylights to suit your roofing needs.


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