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Metal Roof Painting

Metal roof painting, otherwise known as a roof restoration, is the fastest most economical way to lift the look of the exterior of your home while adding tens of thousands of dollars of value. When renovating the exterior of your house it is always best to work from the top down, meaning start with your roof before doing any exterior painting if possible. Although our team always wash down the exterior after cleaning your roof, this will ensure your fresh paint looks its best.

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Why should I paint my roof?

There are two main reasons people decide to paint their tiled roofs.Firstly, cosmetic reasons are often a reason people decide to paint their roof. They are renovating their home, or painting the exterior and would like to update and refresh the colour of their tiled roof. Often we find our customers feel like their entire home looks new again after painting their roof.

Secondly, the coating on the metal sheets has worn down over many years and the metal roof has become bare, which will develop rust spots and if not treated early, will not be able to be corrected meaning a costly re-roof.

When quoting, we always meet in person and quote on site to ensure a proper assessment of your roof. Call our friendly team on 1300 166 209 or click here to schedule your free quote to paint your tiled roof today.

When should you paint your metal roof?

Generally every 10-15 years your roof will need to be repainted, providing a quality product was used in your previous roof restoration. When your roof coating begins to break down it is important to repaint your roof before the coating completely wears away to keep the integrity of the roof sheeting.

How long does it take to paint my metal roof?

A standard home will take 2-3 days to complete the roof paining. This will involve preparation work, cleaning, removing and replacing all rusty screws, an application of a roof primer and 2 coats of roof membrane. You can read more in depth about the metal roof painting process here.

How much does it cost to paint my tiled roof?

The cost to paint your tiled roof will vary from $3,000 – $6,000. Factors such as the size of your roof, guard rail requirements, broken tiles and the condition of your ridge capping will determine this cost. Always be weary of cheap roof restorations, as they often cost a lot more in the long run to correct. Read more on cheap roof restorations here.

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“Ged and his team at Brisco Roofing delivered a fantastic result and managed to fit in our roof refurbishment to suit our schedule.  It was great to go on a holiday and return to a quality job with no problems whatsoever.  Great work Brisco”

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“Thank you Brisco Roofing for the wonderful job on our roof restoration, the house looks a million dollars.  Congratulations to Ged and his staff as they certainly do uphold their work ethics of “Honest Advice, Quality Work”. We will be happy to refer any business your way.”

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“We would like to thank you for your great service. Ged has done excellent work on our roof. Roof now looks amazing, just like brand new. We have had a number of our neighbours comment on just how great it looks. You have definitely delivered on your promise of ‘honest advice, quality work’ and we would not hesitate recommending you to our friends and family.”